American Muscle v. Import Tuners

In the 1930’s drag racing begin here on American soil. American Muscle reigned supreme until sometime in the 1980’s. For decades now racers have feuded on which cars are better, faster and sexier. This is the night where drivers get to prove who is right. Witness history in the making as the rumble of domestic cars drive excitement and feel the suspense of imports whistling. It’s raw power versus refined power, David versus Goliath, Muscle versus Finesse. Pick a favorite and root for the winner that you would like to see.

Muscle Cars like these are the main reason why most of us drag race today, however import tuners have provided a plethora of innovation to all types of racing. Let the battles begin!

Bring out the kids and introduce them to a sport full of heroic stories and history. The car culture in San Antonio is one of lasting bonds & friendship and it all happens right here at San Antonio Raceway.