Sponsors Cup

At this race we get to honor all of the sponsors who make racing at San Antonio Raceway possible. Our 2nd annual Sponsor Cup Race, this is where any of our Sponsors are invited to run in a bracket race against each other. The winner will receive a "Sponsor Cup" to display in their business and signage for the new year! All street cars, motorcycles, or race cars welcome!

Get to see businessmen put work to the side for a night and become the highlight of the sport they graciously make a reality. Free for sponsors to enter, if you can't make it then you can elect someone to represent you. Winner take all - Sponsors Trophy (to display until next race) & listed on our sponsor of the year award. Private VIP area with snacks & beverages. Come network and mingle with other business owners and your peers.

If you love the discovery channel's, Street Outlaws, this race series was created for you. We bring the fastest street cars & trucks to the track. Over 50 of Texas’s fastest cars competed last year in the challenge to be on “The List.” We have all the drama, money and bragging rights in one place for you to witness & become part of. At San Antonio Raceway you get to meet the local heroes all in one place.

Racing is heads-up, no excuses, all out, insane fun.

This event is exciting, family friendly and a great place to make some new friends while watching some of the coolest cars.

Keys to the race:
Fast Car
Mental Fitness

$20 - Tech Card (includes Race Your Ride)
$12 - Fans/Crew (kids under 12 free)

Racing Specs:
Type: Bracket (Sponsors) Heads Up (Street Outlaws)
Time: Hidden
Tree: Pro Tree