Birdman at San Antonio Raceway

Atomic Dog Presents: Texas Total Domination

Arguably our wildest event of the year. Grudge racing has been known to draw racers whose mouths are as loud as their motors. At Texas Total Domination anything goes as the fastest door cars compete for ultimate bragging rights. Big money is put on the line as each race holds more at stake than just cash winnings.

The Texas Grudge Race Scene blew up in 2016 and we expect 2017 only to get bigger. High stakes, speed and a bunch of personalities get together for a night full of fun, excitement and some partying too. Grudge Racers are known for their fast cars and event faster mouths. Once the racers start calling each other out, the sh** talking starts and the racing begins! Grudge racers not only have to prove themselves on the track but they also have to be able to talk SMACK! Thousands of dollars exchange hands throughout the night as many Grudge Race personalities compete on who will win in the all out, heads up races.

This is one of our few events that we recommend you get a babysitter and leave the kids at home. The night is full of adult orientated language and activities that you won’t want them to try at home or bring to school with them the next week. However everything is in good adult fun as racers psych each other out with pranks, games and language you would not use in church.

Keys to the race:
Fast Car
Mental Fitness & Focus

Racing Specs:
Type: Heads Up
Time: Hidden
Tree: Pro
Awards: Each grudge race is unique and jackpot chosen by the winner.
Open To: All door cars

$20 - Tech Card (includes unlimited race passes)
$12 - Fans/Crew (kids under 12 free)

2 p.m. Racer gates open
3:45 p.m.-4:15 autograph session with the driver under the bleachers
4:30 p.m.- races and call out starts
Midnight- gates close