Wheel Stand Warriors

What’s better than watching cars race down the strip at high speeds? Watching them do it on two wheels of course! Witness explosive power move from the motor to the ground as cars wheelie down the track. Come see the car that holds the record for the worlds longest wheelie show what it takes to be a wheelie legend. Become part of the action and vote for your favorite to win the fans choice award. This isn’t your ordinary racing event, this is a show, a competition like no other. If you want to witness masters of their craft defy all odds, live on the edge of crashing while doing it with a smile this is the time for you to book your plans.

This event is exciting, family friendly and a great place to make some new friends while watching some of the coolest cars.

Awards will be given for:
Longest Wheelie
Most Outrageous
Viewers Choice

Bring out the kids and introduce them to a sport full of heroic stories and history. The car culture in San Antonio is one of lasting bonds & friendship and it all happens right here at San Antonio Raceway.

Keys to the race:
Car set-up
Willingness to push the limits

$20 - Fans/Crew
$5 - Kids 12 & under
$50 Buy In