General Rules & Guidelines

Below is a list of general guidelines and rules

  • Be Cool! We are here to have fun so bring smiles and good vibes.
  • Anyone can race (cars must pass tech no leaks, parts falling off etc.)
  • If you have any questions just ask the team at tech or in staging we are here to help.
  • Helmet required on any car running 13.99 and quicker
  • No passengers on any car running 13.99 and quicker no more than one passenger
  • Helmet must remain on entire length of the track
  • No Air conditions or defroster on if racing (condensation leaks onto the track and makes it unsafe)
  • All trucks must have bed free of any cargo or debris and tires must be clean of all rocks and mud
  • Two turn offs at end of the track – left exits – please do not turn around or back up on track
  • Bikes must all have leather jackets, gloves and required shoes that cover ankels plus helmet
  • 5 mile per hour speed limit in pits and return road.
  • Please check for any leaks before entering lane to race.
  • Vehicle lights must be turned on at dusk during competition.
  • Please do not begin your burn out or proceed to the starting line until you are instructed to by our crew.
  • No one under the age of 16 allowed to drive pit vehicles with the exception of our JR. Dragsters.
  • All pit vehicles are to be registered with office and clearly display registration sticker.
  • Have a safe and good time at SAR!