San Antonio Raceway Manifesto

If you are reading this you already have taken the first step. You have automatically been initiated. It takes a special type of person to truly appreciate who we are and requires courage to be one of us.

Many people spend their free time staring at the TV listening to “experts” telling them how to feel and what to think. That’s not us. We are a people that need to participate in life. It may be through overcoming all odds to race across the finish line as a driver, it may be as a mechanic or coach, or even shouting from the stands in excitement as drivers overcome all odds to break records. More often than not we spend time in each of these roles. We are the glue that hold the family, the tribe together. We go out into the world and we not only participate but we create it.

The world of auto racing is not for everyone, and drag racing is certainly not for the tame or old at heart. We love loud motors, fast cars, screams of joy, the smell of race fuel, smokey burn outs and the thrill of adrenaline as we are so very present from start to finish of each race. Each moment, every micro second counts and we are awake, witnessing each one.

Passion: We are the ones who spend our workdays dreaming about the next time we can be at the track.

Community: We create memories with friends, family and other loved ones a 1/4 mile at a time. Racing brings us together, it generates a sea of smiles and the community delivers a level of gratitude that can change the world. We share stories of challenges and triumphs. We have a kinship like no other.

Presence: We live each moment to the fullest at the raceway because in this world that seems to tug at you in all directions when we are at the strip the only thing that is tugging on us is excitement.

Bravery: We are the few that line up at the tree, knowing that this could be the last thing we ever do, willing to risk it all because each run grabs the life that is inside of us and shakes it. It reminds us that we are life and therefore we can never lose it. Our play is in the work we do to make dreams become a reality. We take our chances, know our stats, know exactly how to dial in as we become one with the machines that propel us through life.

Gratitude: Each time we enter the front gate of a race track we know that we are getting an opportunity to witness or create history. We are walking among people like us. We become invisible to race, social status, religion and anything else that may be used to divide us on the outside. Here we are thankful for our friends, family and the people that make this possible. We understand that the more we give, the more we get. At the track we are grateful for each drop of the tree, each car that makes it to the finish line and each person who carries a smile. When we leave we carry awe and gratitude forward into our daily lives, a little light that shines on each one we pass, knowing that soon we will be back at the track for more.

This is the embodiment of our work, this is why we open and as spectators, fans, racers or employees we leave each day each of these feelings should resonate in our hearts. We carry them along with us and spread them wherever we go making a world a better place for each that we come into contact with. We are the heart and soul of racing in San Antonio, Texas and beyond.