A Day of Drift

If getting sideways and learning how to control your car while sliding this event was created for you. This play day in our 40 acre parking lot brings out beginners and experts alike from all over.

Fans often do ride alongs with drivers throughout the day. If you are coming out to watch be sure to bring yourself a helmet, make a new friend and hop in a car for the thrill of a lifetime. Just want to watch? No problem! You'll be able to get up close and personal with the action from the sidelines.

Watch new drifters try not to tackle cones and keep their cars in control while the pros practice pushing limits as they run tandem with up to four other cars at a time. Fans can feel the adrenaline, smell the smoke and hear screaming tires from all along the track. Driving skill and prowess is acquired with each run and by the end of the day everyone goes home feeling happy and excited.

If it's your first time out everyone is super helpful in explaining how to drift. We have tires and someone to change them on site at nearly every event too!

$25 - Tech Cards (unlimited runs)
$5 - Fans/Crew (kids 12 and under free)