Autocross with Spokes

Put your driving skills to the ultimate test by racing in this exciting event. For 60 seconds racers get to run through a never before seen course against the clock. Runs are solo and rarely reach beyond highway speeds, however there are more corners than most F1 tracks. Racers get to learn their cars limits and their ability to adapt in a fun, safe and exciting environment.

Fans can watch from the sidelines as racers often brake hard enough to lift a wheel off the ground, slide and even spin.

If you are new to racing, autocross can help you hone your skills on a budget - lower entry fees, maintenance costs and chances of damage to your vehicle. Contingencies pay roughly the same as road racing, but there have been people known make more money than they spend in a successful season. The best part is there are enough classes that even your daily driver can take to the course.

Autocrossing is truly the only place where you can push your car to the absolute 100% edge of grip, with few, if any, consequence. With the worst thing you can hit being cones, it allows you to safely find the maximum capabilities of your car. While it teaches excellent car-control skills. Just beware when you get out on the street to tone things down - that big grin that you will be wearing won’t always get you out of a ticket.