No Prep Race Your Ride

No Prep Race your ride is a chance for everyone looking for the thrill of a lifetime to take their car down an unpreped track in a non competitive environment. It is also where seasoned racers dial in their cars and hone their skills. The surface is slick so dialing in every aspect of your car and driving skills becomes more important than ever.

Fans get ignited by the added suspense as cars often slide sideways as they lose grip at high speeds. The open format draws a large variety of motorcycles, street and race cars in a single evening. You’ll also get to see legends like 14 time world champion Mike Murillo, Birdman & Steve Wiley who have been known to test regularly at San Antonio Raceway.

If you want to get up close and personal with racers in a laid back atmosphere, grab a tech card at the gate and chat in the staging lanes with some of the best in the world between passes or come in as a spectator and walk the pits while getting to meet some racing legends. From the stands you can feel the excitement as drivers test their limits, make improvements and get ready for upcoming races.

Keys to the race:
Fast Car
Mental Fitness & Focus

$20 - Tech Card (includes unlimited race passes)
$12 - Fans/Crew (kids under 12 free)