Saturday Night Thunder

Saturday Night Thunder brings out the loudest, baddest, gnarliest local racers and cars who compete for cold hard cash. Saturday Night Thunder has four premier classes with the fan favorite being The Nogalitos Door Slammers cars who run 11 seconds and faster in the ¼ mile and brings out some really great driving talent. The 4.90, 5.80 and 7.0 index classes run 1/8th mile after doing monster burnouts that release heart stopping thunder.

Bring out the family, friends and neighbors for a night to be remembered. You’ll meet some great people and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Keys to the race:
Fast Car
Mental Fitness

$20 - Tech Card (includes Race Your Ride)
$12 - Fans/Crew (kids under 12 free)

Racing Specs:
Type: Index
Time: Visible
Tree: Pro Tree .500 DS and Pro Tree .400 all others
Open To: Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles (see classes)


Racers Buy In & Class info