The Chase - Summit Super Series

The Chase, also known as Bracket Racing, is one of the most exciting types of races to watch. Racers bring some of the fastest cars from around the planet to compete for over $100,000. The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) organizes this series where racers build motors, drivetrains & chassis from the ground up. The goal is to win races through consistency and fast passes. Fans get to witness big rigs and trailers hauling over 200 dragsters, door cars, roadsters and muscle cars and an international line up of racers.

The race cars leave the line at different times and The Chase begins. The slower of the cars leave first forcing the faster cars to chase them down before the finish. Racers fuse with machine as they try to get an advantage down the length of the track. Fans keep their eyes peeled at the finish line as many races are decided by milliseconds!

There is one catch - racers must also pick the time that they will complete each pass before getting to the start. Go too fast and they automatically hand over the winnings. It’s like a game of chess at 200+mph in ⅛ mile or less!

Keys to the race:

Reaction Time
Car Set-up
Bring out the kids for an exciting education in consistency, enginerring, physics, mental toughness and sheer willpower.
Hashtag: #RaceTheChaseSAR

2017 Dates:

Racer Series Info
For detailed rules visit the IHRA website