Top Shop Showdown

Top Shop Showdown

These racers have worked hard all week making sure your car gets you around town or other racers set new records. The Top Shop Showdown is their time to show the world what they can do not only under the hood but behind the wheel. Fans get to witness some of the most amazing custom cars and street cars compete in the Top Shop Showdown. Automotive shops from all across the state of Texas come out and showcase how good their work is!

This event is exciting, family friendly and a great place to make some new friends while watching some exciting racing action.

Keys to the race:

$20 - Tech Card (includes Race Your Ride)
$12 - Fans/Crew (kids under 12 free)
Top Shop Showdown is no extra cost, but you must have a modified vehicle and represent the shop the work was done at.

Racing Specs:
Type: Bracket & The Performance HQ Heads Up "Knockout" Class (winners receive Performance HQ Gift Certificates at each round)
Time: Displayed
Tree: Bracket/Standard
Length: ¼ Mile
Buy In: None, must have a Tech Card
Award: We need to figure out what we’re going to do for the winner at the end of the year. Or come up with a trophy and pass it from month to month.

Open To: Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles

Hashtag: #SARTopShop

Racer Info